• Ruby Gaines

IT'S Ruby Gaines

Ruby Airlie was a 4’9 pillar of a family. A woman who was admired for her immense kindness and her attentive role as a mother of 4. She always had a disposable camera near by to get the perfect, candid shot – to be stored in precious shoeboxes. You could depend on her to carry you through anything. Her gleaming smile and gregarious nature had you swarming to her for kindness and comfort, often coming in the shape of a bowl of lentil soup.

Margaret Rose Gaines was a mother of 3 towheads. A leggy, small waisted beauty who was a nurse in the RAF and fought breast cancer twice. You could easily swim in her eyes even if doggy paddling was your forte. She believed in fairies and collected trinkets and roses which filled my childhood with magic. A truly whimsical woman with a wicked sense of humour. She was admired for her strength and encouragement to do anything you wanted in life and made you believe it to be true.

These powerhouses were my grandmothers, taken from the world much too soon, and my new namesakes. The impact these women had on my life makes me wonder what they could have done should they still be here today. This is where I am trying to honour them as strong women help me be a stronger woman – and that is what I feel this is; Ruby Gaines, a stronger, more fulfilled version of myself.

I always have been one to carry the past with me. It is a habit of mine that’s brought me down before. This time, I am ready to bring the best parts of me into this new venture and run with it. Megan Airlie was the outcome of a few sad nights playing guitar in my pants. Ruby Gaines is the outcome of years of development. A fully realised sense of self that I can throw all my best bits into. It’s me, fully amplified, and ready.

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